Question re Manage Files


Is it possible to move a file from the management files section of Brightspace to a folder within that Management files section of each site. I have tried to find a move button however there is no move (there is a cut - however this beaks the link).



  • Stephen.R.50

    Hello Sharon,

    Thanks for your great question! It sounds like you're attempting to move files between different unique org units? Such as from one Course Offering to another?

    It should be possible to do this with a typical file using either the Cut or Copy feature depending what you need. Since you tried the Cut option first, I'm guessing that you got the broken link within the source course? I would recommend instead you use the Copy option so that the system will retain the original file in the source location instead of deleting it from the source, which Cut will do.

    Copy is also located on that toolbar in Manage Files and Brightspace will retain it as you copy from one course and move to the next one where you want to paste it.

    Hoping that this helps. Please let us know if you're successful!