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I am often adding Quick link to a file or to a sub-module and nver had issues. This time Im trying to add Quick link to a pdf located in a sub-module and the whole sub module, in the process window to browse towards the file, isn't working Im getting a spinning can't do it window … anyidea why? (seem to be only with this sub-module which I re-created and is still same problem) …


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    Good Morning Sebastien!

    I've set up the following steps and please let me know if this is similar to what your seeing. The error behaviour is a bit worrisome and we may need to get your DELC or Admin to submit a support case. Let's try these steps to reproduce first to see if we can solve this without involving them.

    For my test - I added a piece of content in a different submodule (PDF File) in the content area. (See screenshots, below)

    Next, I created a new HTML File and using course files searched for a link. (This is to validate the file can be linked to). (Step 2, attached)

    Once you add the file in step 3, that will validate the content is accessible in the same course.

    I noticed your screenshot shows you using an announcement, so let's walk through that next. Click the link, go to course files (Step 4 > 5)

    Then click publish. You should be able to see the file from the upload area in step 6 image (or something similar to your content).

    If you are still getting an error message, please send along some additional steps on how you got to that error; or you may need to contact your Administrator to help identify the cause.

    Look forward to seeing how you get along.