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Hello, I need to integrate with the D2L platform into our system called CERBRUM, but I am encountering some difficulties.
Whenever I fill in the necessary parameters for the API request, even though they are theoretically correct, I receive the code 403 (Forbidden), as a response to the request.
I believe that one of the problems is the InstallCode that I am providing in the request parameters, would there be any guide to getting this InstallCode? I have studied and searched a lot, but without success in finding it.

The documentation that I'm following to make this Integration works, is this one here:


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    Hi there, thanks for reaching out! It's a great first step to see if there is any documentation available here in the Community that can help so I'm glad you've taken that approach 😊

    I might suggest taking a look at our SAML Administration Overview documentation to see if that helps. If you take a look and still need assistance beyond that, I'd recommend reaching out to your school's IT Help Desk and having them connect with Brightspace support to see what can be done.