API access / token issues via OAuth2

Kabir.H.527 Posts: 6 🌱

We're currently facing API access / token issues via OAuth2.  We're using a Brightspace user account (i.e., not an institutional account) in our Brightspace to authenticate access for API use.  As this is a Brightspace account, we're by-passing the institution's SSO by using a redirect link

which allows the account to log in via the Brightspace authentication and authenticate to the site. However, via this route we're unable to generate an access token for API access. What could be causing this issue?



  • Alex.V.58
    Alex.V.58 Posts: 136 admin

    Hi Kabir, in this instance, I would recommend connecting with your institution's IT Help Desk for some assistance. If you need any help finding that contact information, please let me know and I can connect with you via DM here in the Community.

  • Pratap Reddy.N.521
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    @Kabir.H.527 I am encountering similar issue, Have you managed to find a solution yet? I'd appreciate any insights you can share.
  • Kabir.H.527
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    @Pratap Reddy.N.521 : I've identified a few factors that may be contributing to this issue. One of the key issues was that our Primary URL differed from the Vanity URL. D2L has since aligned the Primary URL with the Vanity URL, and although I've been testing it extensively, we haven't seen significant improvements.

    As a temporary solution, I've been obtaining access tokens through Postman and using them in the Azure test environment. So far, this workaround has been effective for us.