Can I post a full unit's assignments?

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Is there a way to post a series of assignments that the students can see, but can only access in a sequential order. I have tried by adjusting the availability date. Once I do this I see a message that says 'Visible with Access Restricted', but my students cannot even see it until the day it becomes available. I have also tried using the 'Conditions', but I still cannot get the result I am looking for.


  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Tom.R.729 Are you using the New Learner Experience for the student view? Anything added to Content that is before the start date or after the end date does not appear to students in that case. (Note that if you use the View as learner option, the items will be visible but if you impersonate a student in the class, the items will be missing in the units.) Students should still be able to see the assignments if they go directly to the Assignment tool, however.

    If you are able to switch to the New Content Experience (Lessons) or classic Content, then students should be able to see the title of the assignments and the start dates within the Content area using Visible with Access Restricted.

  • Craig.R.185
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    Hi @Tom.R.729 . After you add a start date to an assignment, a link shows underneath the date in the interface like this:

    Clicking the link lets you choose from the following options, and how learners see them when visiting the Assignments tool: "Visible with access restricted" means learners can see the assignment but it's not hyperlinked, so they can't click into it to see the instructions; "Visible with submission restricted" means learners can see and enter the assignment as if they could complete it, but there's no submit button to actually send something off; "Hidden" means learners have no idea it's there until the start date. I suspect this last option is what's set by default in your environment. If so, you can edit the assignments, click that link below the start date, and choose one of the two first options for your preference.