OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Flow Support for Brightspace (M2M)

Is there any support for OAuth 2.0 flows other than Authorization Code Grant (preferably Client Credentials flow)? I'm needing support for fully headless automation, and the need for a user to log in with a browser in order to get an initial authorization code doesn't make sense for a fully automated environment. Private Key JWT authentication would work, or perhaps Client Secret authentication. Any current support or upcoming support?



  • Alex.V.58
    Alex.V.58 Posts: 123 admin

    Hi Brett, in this case, I would recommend connecting with your institution's IT Help Desk for some support with this. If you need any assistance locating that contact information, please let me know and I will send it via DM.

  • Brett.D.814
    Brett.D.814 Posts: 3 🌱

    I'm asking about support for Brightspace. All I see is documentation about the Authorization Code Grant in regard to OAuth 2.0.