How long does it take for BDS 9 to take effect once enabled?

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This article doesn't appear to indicate how long it takes for the system to update to BDS 9 once enabled. I might be missing it completely, but I only noticed a "once it takes effect note". I'd like to know so I can update my Insights Reporting accordingly as it recommends. Any ideas on how long it takes once the setting is updated in the Config Variable browser?


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    Hi @Mandi.S.261

    Thank you for reaching out to the community.

    Could this be related to when the update to ver9 took place? lets see.

    you can check when the Full Dataset refresh is scheduled in your environment, as following:

    • From Brightspace, navigate to Data Hub
    • From the Data sets tab, select from the data sets list any entry with Category of "Brightspace data set" , this should take you a new page called Activity Feed Post Objects.
    • From the "Activity Feed Post Object" page you should be able to see when the Date Last Generated was completed in your environment for the Full data sets

    Based on the "Date Last Generated" you will know if the last update happened post the Version update OR Prior to the version update, in case of the update date was post the Last Generated Date then you will get Ver9 changes reflected post the next Full datasets refresh.