How do I add Bonus Points to the grade book?

We played a Bingo class in game to increase participation, but I'm not sure how to add Bonus points in my grade book for the winners.


  • Mandi.S.261
    Mandi.S.261 Posts: 15 🧭


    When creating a new grade item, check the box that says bonus:

    If you create a category as well, you'll want to make sure the "Can Exceed" button is checked.

  • Lindsay.S.331

    Hi @Carolyn.B.591, great question and that sounds like a fun way to encourage participation! You can add new items to your grade book and simply check the "Bonus" box to ensure that it will be counted as a bonus for your learners.

    1. In the Grade Book, navigate to the Manage Grades tab
    2. Select New item, then Numeric
    3. Enter details, ensuring you check off "bonus":

    Hope this is helpful!

  • Carolyn.B.591
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    yay! I was definitely making it a lot harder than it needed to be. Thank you so much!