Is there a way for a media owner in Kaltura/DMS 3.0 to share their own videos with other users?

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We've explored Publishing (which doesn't work since we don't use course galleries) and have focused on co-editor/co-publishers, which seems like the ideal method for sharing a video with specific users. We can easily set up a co-editor/co-publisher in My Media, but the intended user does not see it in their own gallery. The co-owner/co-publisher details do show up in the KMC however.


kmc_coeditor_copublisheradd co-editor and co-publisher



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    Andy.F.437 Posts: 33 🌱
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    Just to close this loop since this post is several years old, but yes, the co-editor, co-viewer(new), and co-publishers allow you to share videos with multiple users so they can insert or copy/edit videos.