Padlet in Brighspace keeps jumping when I type

Dina.T.881 Posts: 2 🔍
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I wanted to add to a Padlet for Uni. Each time I typed a letter the screen would jump and I can't see where I am typing. I thought it was just my computer issue (MAC) but a lot of people are also having this issue.


  • Megan.S.88

    Hi @Dina.T.881

    I'm not sure how to support this, since D2L doesn't make Padlet. I'd like to point you in the right direction, though. How are you adding the padlet? Is this for an assignment? Can you share a screenshot?

  • Rebecca.F.235
    Rebecca.F.235 Posts: 20 🌱

    Hi this is occurring for any embedded third party tool- we have had reports with FeedbackFruits, H5P and Padlet. We have a job open with D2L about this at the moment and hope for a hotfix soon. I know it is affecting a number of users. I would raise this with your D2L support to add your job to the queue.