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Question on data reported for feedback read

Laura.G.561 Posts: 3 🔍
edited February 21 in K-12

We recently were looking at the "FeedbackIsRead" column in the data report "Assignment submissions" and we've noticed some issues with the way the data is collected for feedback. If a user views their overall feedback from the Gradebook, this doesn't count as "read". Additionally, if there is inline marks that the student accesses by clicking the "View inline feedback" from within the gradebook, this also isn't counted as "read". This latter item is especially odd as this link opens up the feedback area in the assignment — the same view that the student sees if they view feedback from the assignments link rather than the gradebook link.

My question for the group is therefore has anyone found any way to accurately determine if a student has read feedback? We're looking to see if we can get an idea of actual student review of the feedback, and also compare that to attainment/retention to see if we can make any concrete links within our institution/in specific divisions/departments. If anyone has any tips for how to go about this, that would be much appreciated!




  • Jackie.G.212
    Jackie.G.212 Posts: 18
    edited March 20

    Hi Laura,

    I'm the product manager for the Assignments tool here at D2L. I chatted with the team and it seems that views from the Grade Book are independent from the Assignment Submissions data report and will not be counted.

    While I'm not super familiar with the Assignment Submissions data report, I was doing a bit of light testing and one of the ways for the Feedback to be counted as 'Read' in the Assignment submissions page is just for the student to go into the Assignment page (screenshot 1), after feedback has been submitted (screenshot 2 impersonating the student).

    Kind regards,