Unity App to submit xAPI data not LMS hosted.

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Hi there. I work for a studio and we are invastigating building a Unity Game that submits xAPI data back to a D2L LMS. The intention is not to host the application on an LMS, but instead to have it run localy on people's machines, so authentication would need to be managed via API requests. Is this something that is supported and if so what potential challenges should we consider from anyone who has done this?


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    Hi @Suman.M.142
    I'm not a developer by trade so I may not be able to answer all of the detailed questions you've asked here- but I can help you connect you with a few resources that may be handy.

    Brightspace supports a specific type of API sometimes called Valence.
    The documentation for this API can be found here


    Some folks will use a third party tool called Postman to help get started using the Brightspace API. For this reason, we've created a course that you can access for free with your Community Account called Learn Postman with Paul

    My sense is that if you want to use an API at all to communicate grade or completion data to a Brightspace instance you'll need to ensure that each Brightspace Instance you're connecting to is set up with an OAUTH Token to register your call (this may not be the right way that developers describe this- but what I'm saying is how will these instances know to expect you?)

    Hope this helps to provide some possible next steps

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    thanks Stefanie, will have a good readthrough but on first glance appears like there is a way forward :)