What does 'Manage Files' in the Tool Access report refer to?

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The Tool Access report shows a table and a pie chart representing the percentage of overall views for each tool within a selected timeframe. One of the tools is 'Manage Files'. It is unlikely to be referring to the file management tool which is not accessible to students. (In the image, only the 'Student' role was selected, yet it shows that 'Manage Files' was viewed.

Perhaps 'Manage Files' in the Tool Access report refer to content file views (e.g. a file accessed from Content tool). Also, how is the number of views for the 'Content' tool calculated? Does viewing a file in the Content tool be counted as a view of the Content tool as well?


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    Hi @l.l.242

    This is a great question-and one that's helping us to improve our documentation- we'll be adding more content to the Insights Documentation as a result of your kindly and patient post.

    I agree with your assessment that the reported access within manage files by a student refers only to their access of content topics stored within the Manage Files Tool.

    Views of the Content Tool itself, I believe, are driven by users accessing that tool specifically ex. selecting the link on the nav to access Content.

    If your report is indicating more access by a student to manage files, than access to the content tool, I would recommend opening a support case to take a closer look at that.

    Please don't be shy to message back here if you'd like a hand connecting with your help desk