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Automatic Zeros after Due Date

Kara.L.749 Posts: 18 🌱
edited February 15 in K-12

How can I get the gradebook to automatically assign a zero when the due date has passed?


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  • Jennifer.W.973
    Jennifer.W.973 Posts: 235 🌟
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    @Kara.L.749 That functionality doesn't exist so far. The best you can probably do is change your grade book settings to Treat ungraded items as 0, but that will put in temporary 0s for all grade items which makes it look like students are failing until enough activities are graded. There is a PIE item you can vote on for auto 0's after the due date. Click the Product Idea Exchange link in the right sidebar on this page to log in and search for item D3202. It was previously in planning but it has been put on pause for now.