Release Conditions for items that have been graded

I'm trying to set up an Intelligent Agent for students who have not submitted to an assignment folder.

Before I assign a grade of zero to that assignment, the release condition works beautifully. After I assign a grade of zero, it no longer works, even though technically there is still no submission to that assignment folder.

I have also tried setting up a Release Condition for "Grade value on a grade item" to be <= 0%, but it does not identify anyone for that, either.

What am I doing wrong?


  • Chris.S.534
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    edited February 18

    Hi Tim,

    I've repeated the scenario described and have an Intelligent Agent working with the following settings:

    To test I had 6 learners all of which made no submission into the assignment. I did a practice run of the IA - 6 learners returned. In grades, I awarded 2 learners a grade of 0, ran the IA again - 6 learners returned.

    Hopefully you get a similar result with the settings above.

    Hope this helps!