416 Error when initiating upload


I'm trying to initiate an upload by posting to:


I'm including the required headers (with the actual token where the placeholder is):

{ 'Authorization': 'Bearer <TOKEN>',  'X-Upload-Content-Type': 'text/csv',  'X-Upload-Content-Length': '530',  'X-Upload-File-Name': 'upload_test.csv'}

However, I'm getting the following error: 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable

And response.text reads:

{"detail":"The page cannot be displayed because the request range was not satisfiable."}

I can find no information about this error on the community (or anywhere else online). Does anyone have insight?


  • James.C.331
    James.C.331 Posts: 8 🌱

    I believe I have this figured out. I'm using Python Requests, which automatically treats 308 responses as redirects. Including allow_redirects=False in my request prevents this, allowing me to get the upload key from the api response.