Is this page saying that when using an iPad that Chrome, Edge and Firefox should not be used?


Scroll down to …..

Tablets and Mobile Devices

Brightspace is supported on the following tablets and mobile devices with the latest browser versions:



  • Megan.S.88

    Not exactly - they're saying that it is not applicable. That's because on iOS, all browsers are Safari under the covers. Browsers like Chrome on iOS are basically a skin on top of Safari.

    Hope that helps!

  • Jay.S.308
    Jay.S.308 Posts: 5 🌱

    Thanks Megan. It helps a little, but I'm searching for help for a faculty member who is stating that he can't use his iPad on D2L like he used to with Blackboard. Thinks it's an Apple/iPad issue more than a D2L issue. The search continues…..