Can moodle Calculated (and similar) question types be imported with functions intact?


My university has migrated to Brightspace. I was previously using moodle. I teach statistics. I have hundreds of "calculated" type questions in my moodle question library. Some seem similar to "Arithmetic" questions in Brightspace. Others seem more like "Significant Digits" questions. So far, after importing the moodle course shells (created with the course backup tools in moodle), none of those questions seem to work in Brightspace. Instead, I see many of them importing as "short answer" questions (I haven't checked them all; there are literally hundreds). The short answer questions have two or more correct answers which appear to be correct answers from the moodle questions, but rounded to two decimal places and reformatted as text instead of actual numbers.

Is there some way to save the hundreds of hours I've put into this? Can these questions be imported so they function as proper, usable Arithmetic or Significant Digits questions?


  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Darrin,

    Please connect with your institutions LMS Administration team who intern can reach out to the Implementation team of the D2L side to see what advice and assistance can be provided.
    Failing this the D2L Support team may also be able to provide guidance with the issues being experienced.

    Other options to try/consider:

    I realise these additional options are not ideal but may get you further along with the quiz question conversions.
    Hope this helps!

  • Darrin.R.505
    Darrin.R.505 Posts: 16 🌱

    I've been working with my implementation team, who have said basically "Brightspace can't do that" (though they are quite awesome in the ways they help do what can be done). At this point, my questions here are starting to seem like nothing more than my personal list of things Brightspace can't do (that moodle, in most cases, can).