Assignment Submissions - "This File Can't Be Previewed" Issue

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Hi. Recently we have found that some assignment submissions are no longer able to be previewed/opened. There is an option to download the submitted file but not to view the file within the platform.

The issue is with our most recent submissions as well as some older submissions that previously previewed/opened fine. However, what is confusing is that some older files preview/open and some don't so I can't find a consistency that would help determine what is causing the issue.

I have tried opening on three different browsers (Edge, Google and Firefox) and the same issue occurs. It can't be my device as all our admin staff and now teachers are reporting the same issue.

The file types are standard enough - mp4., mov. and so on.

Any ideas? Thanks!


  • Olly.F.893

    Hi Paul!

    I thought I'd answer this one here, based on the reply from Support, to close the loop in case anybody else searches for something similar. Unless Bongo Video Assignments is used, it's expected functionality that you'd need to download the submitted video file in order to view it. Support suggested opening a PIE item for this functionality. I've had a quick search for you, and couldn't find a similar one that already exists, so you could go ahead and create a new PIE item.

  • Paul.G.736
    Paul.G.736 Posts: 3 🔍

    Thanks Olly!
    I'll look into whether any of the Bongo Video Assignment options suit our particular type of assessments. If so, fantastic! If not, I'll open a PIE item for that functionality as suggested.