File management

Question about file management and version control.

  1. Can I assume that when I copy a course, it also makes a copy of the pdfs within that course?
  2. If that is true, is there a way to avoid that, so that there is one pdf associated with a dept?
  3. Is there version control so that if I update that pdf, I can make sure that all courses that use that pdf in that dept have the latest version?




  • Hi @Paula.T.417

    Thanks for posting your question in Brightspace Community!

    Below are my answers to your questions:

    1. This depends on your selections when copying components from a source course offering (or a source course template) to a destination course offering, using Import/Export/Copy Components.
      1. If you click Copy All Components, yes, Brightspace will make a copy of ALL the files in the Manage Files area of the source course offering (or course template).
      2. If you click Select Components, no, only the components you check will be copied to the destination course offering.
    2. Yes! Click Select Components and make sure you leave the Course Files checkbox unchecked. This will prevent Brightspace from copying the files in the source course offering's Manage Files area to the destination course offering's Manage Files area.
      Note: We recommend selecting the Content checkbox and the Include associated files checkbox to ensure the files associated with the course content are copied across.
    3. There is no version control in the Manage Files area. Instead, you could use the Learning Object Repository (LOR). You can upload a PDF file to a repository and link to the file dynamically within multiple course offerings. You can also use version control for objects in the LOR.

    These resources may prove useful:

    Take care!

    ~ Natasha (Learning Administration Manager, D2L)