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We want to make powerpoints available to student from a specifc date onwards. Is it enough to set the start date to a specific date, as shown in the image? In Dutch though ;)

And to have the visibility toggle switched to 'visible'? Now it also shows the start date in the bottom right corner, as shown in the next image.

This should suffice in my opinion. Or do we have to set something else also?

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    Yes, setting the start date for a content item in Brightspace should indeed control when that item becomes available to students. If you set the start date as shown in the image, and ensure that the visibility toggle is switched to 'visible', students should be able to access the PowerPoint from the specified start date onwards.

    In the first image, you circled the "Startdatum" (start date) which is set to "07-02-2024" at "00:01". This means that the content item should become available just after midnight on February 7th, 2024.

    The second image shows that the PowerPoint will "Begin op 7 feb" which translates to "Starts on 7 Feb". This indicates that the start date has been recognized by the system and will display to students accordingly.

    It's also important to ensure that there are no additional release conditions or restrictions that could override the start date setting. If you have set it up as shown and there are no conflicting conditions, then what you have done should suffice. If students report issues accessing the content at the specified time, you should review the settings or consult Brightspace support for further assistance.