Can I share the same file page in 2 modules?

Amy.W.97 Posts: 2 🌱

I know that I can put the same quiz or assignment in 2 modules, but I can't figure out if this also works for file pages. I have a "Major Assignments Overview" page that includes some context, readings, and then links to the actual assignments (all due later in the class). I'd like to link this page in both the Welcome module AND in the Week 1 module— is that possible? I'd prefer not to have 2 versions of the page (if I need to edit it or if a reading changes, I'd like to fix it in just one place).


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  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Amy.W.97 Yes, use Upload/Create and Add from Manage Files to add the page to two different modules. If you update it in one place, it will also update in the other since the link is referencing the same single file in Manage Files.