Assigning learning in Learning Groups

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I have a learning group that has started going through 4 courses assigned to that group. I have now been asked to add a learning path of 24 courses to that Learning Group. The learning path includes the 4 courses that were originally assigned. If I assign the learning path to that learning group, will the progress of those enrolled in the first 4 courses be lost?


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    In Brightspace, learning paths and course progress are typically managed in such a way that existing progress is retained when new content is added to a course or learning path. When you add a learning path that includes courses learners have already started or completed, the system should recognize their existing progress and not reset it. Here’s what usually happens:

    1. Existing Progress Retained:
      • Learners’ progress in the initial 4 courses should be preserved. This means any modules completed, assignments submitted, or discussions participated in should maintain their completed status.
    2. Learning Paths Aggregation:
      • When you add a learning path that includes courses already assigned, Brightspace generally adds the new courses to the learners' path without affecting the existing ones. The LMS recognizes the overlap and doesn't reset progress.
    3. Additional Courses Appended:
      • The 20 additional courses in the learning path that were not part of the original assignment will simply be appended to the learners' course list. Learners will start these courses with no progress, as expected.

    However, as with any LMS, it's essential to confirm this behavior since configurations and software updates can alter how these functions work. Here's what you can do to ensure a smooth transition:

    • Test the Update: If possible, test the update in a sandbox environment or with a test group to ensure that progress is retained when you add the new learning path.
    • Consult Documentation: Review the Brightspace documentation or reach out to their support team for clarification on how learning paths work and how they interact with existing course progress.
    • Inform Learners: Once you have confirmed that progress will be retained, inform the learners about the addition of new courses to their learning path and reassure them that their progress will not be lost.
    • Backup Data: Consider backing up learners’ progress data if available. This way, in the unlikely event that there is an issue, you have a record of their achievements.
    • Monitor Progress Post-Update: After updating the learning path, monitor to ensure that everything is working as expected and that learner progress is intact.

    By taking these precautions, you can add the learning path to the learning group with confidence that your learners’ progress in the initial 4 courses will be preserved.