Registering account and OAuth 2.0

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I am a new developer currently studying Computer Science at Michigan State University. I would like to register my test developer application and gain admindtrstaive privleges to access the Estensilbity tool. My goal is to make API calls to D2L from my web application project.


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    Hello and thank you for your question here in the Community! I'd love to just provide you with some information on how extensibility works - particularly by inviting you to check out our Learn Postman with Paul Learning Center course.

    We are not able to extend the access you are requesting, but I would recommend connecting back with your instructor and/or school to learn more about the resources that might be available to support your project. You are welcome to browse our free resources, such as our Valence documentation that includes a test tool.

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    Then, would calls to the D2L not be possible? I am looking to develop, test, and then post publicly for students at my university. If accessing the D2L API is possible, then are you able to provide me with the clear steps to doing so?
    I am looking at the many resources from the D2L reference pages and community forums as well. However, I am still uncertain of where to start.

    Thank you

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    @Dung.N.19 You may want to submit a request to the MSU IT help desk to ask if students are able to make D2L API calls and to explain what data you want to access and for what purposes.