Nesting Content Tabs

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Hi, I recently merged two courses - grades 11 and 12. I would like to nest all of my content tabs under their specific grade tab. Is this possible? TIA.


  • brad.r.503
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    Yes, in Brightspace, you can organize your course content into modules and submodules, which allows you to nest content under specific tabs or categories, such as grade levels. Here's how you can organize your content for grades 11 and 12 after merging the courses:

    1. Create Main Modules for Each Grade:
      • Go to the course where you want to organize the content.
      • Navigate to the Content area of the course.
      • Create two main modules, one named "Grade 11" and another named "Grade 12".
    2. Create Submodules or Add Content:
      • Within each main module (Grade 11 and Grade 12), you can create submodules (if you want to further organize content into units, chapters, or topics) or directly add content (like files, links, assignments, quizzes, etc.).
      • To create a submodule:
        • Click on the main module (e.g., Grade 11).
        • Click on "Add a submodule" and name the submodule according to the content it will contain (e.g., "Unit 1: Biology").
        • Repeat this process for all the units or sections you want under each grade.
    3. Move Existing Content into the Relevant Modules/Submodules:
      • If you already have content that you want to organize, you can move it into the respective grade modules.
      • Use the drag-and-drop feature or the context menu (action menu) to move content items into the appropriate module or submodule.
    4. Organize and Structure Content:
      • Within each submodule or module, you can organize your content by clicking and dragging to reorder items.
      • Ensure that your content is structured in a way that is logical and easy for students to follow.
    5. Set Permissions or Release Conditions if Necessary:
      • If you need certain content to be available only to specific groups (e.g., only to Grade 11 or only to Grade 12 students), you can set release conditions or use the Groups tool to restrict access based on group membership.
    6. Review and Adjust:
      • Once you've organized the content, review the structure to ensure everything is placed correctly.
      • Consider the student perspective and make sure the content flow is intuitive.

    By following these steps, you should be able to nest your course content under specific grade tabs, making it easier for your students to navigate the course and find the materials relevant to their grade level.

  • Sara.B.9
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    Thanks Brad. I appreciate the detailed response.

    Unfortunately, I cannot drag and drop. I've attached a video so you can see what I mean.

  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Sara.B.9 The New Content Experience doesn't allow drag & drop to nest modules. You'll need to temporarily switch back to Classic Content to do it (click the down arrow in the top right corner of the screen).

  • Sara.B.9
    Sara.B.9 Posts: 4 🔍

    Ah thank you!! That works.