Auto grading a SCORM activity

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Hello fellow "Brightspacers"! How can we make a SCORM activity receive a grade automatically in the gradebook once completed? The activity has been set up in the gradebook and given a grade scheme, but when the learner completes it, it is not showing up as complete and graded in the gradebook. The SCORM settings have been set properly as well. Any suggestions?


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    It seems like you've already taken several correct steps by setting up the SCORM activity in the gradebook and ensuring its settings are properly configured. However, if the learner's completion and grade are not reflecting in the gradebook, here are a few suggestions and checkpoints you might want to review:

    SCORM Version Compatibility: Ensure that the SCORM package version is compatible with Brightspace. Brightspace supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004 (2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions). If your SCORM package is of a different version, it might not communicate correctly with the LMS.

    Completion Tracking Settings: Check the SCORM activity settings to ensure that completion tracking is set up correctly. The SCORM package should be configured to send completion status to Brightspace. Sometimes, the issue might be with the SCORM package not sending the correct status to the LMS.

    Grade Item Association: Verify that the SCORM activity is correctly associated with a grade item in the gradebook. The grade item should be set up to accept external grades, and the SCORM activity should be mapped to this grade item.

    SCORM Activity Configuration:

    In the activity settings, make sure that you've selected the correct options for grading. For instance, you may need to set it to use the SCORM's reported grade or to grade based on completion.
    Ensure that the SCORM package is set to report the score back to the LMS. This is typically a setting within the SCORM publishing options from the authoring tool.
    Attempt Settings: If your SCORM activity allows multiple attempts, ensure that the gradebook is set to record the correct attempt (highest grade, last attempt, etc.).

    Test with a Different SCORM Package: If possible, test with a different SCORM package that is known to work correctly. This can help determine if the issue is with the specific SCORM package or the LMS setup.

    Review LMS Logs: Brightspace provides logs for SCORM interactions. Reviewing these logs can offer insights into any communication issues between the SCORM package and the LMS.

    Check Browser Compatibility: Sometimes, the issue might be with the browser. Ensure that the browser is compatible with both Brightspace and the SCORM package. Also, advise learners to disable pop-up blockers as they can interfere with SCORM tracking.

    If you've gone through these steps and the issue still persists, it might be a specific problem with the SCORM package or a bug in the LMS. In such cases, reaching out to Brightspace support or the SCORM package provider might be necessary to diagnose and resolve the issue.

    Remember, the specific navigation and setting names might vary slightly based on the version of Brightspace you are using. If you need more detailed instructions or encounter any specific errors, please don't hesitate to ask!