Assignments do not load for instructor

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When an instructor opens an assignment to grade, the assignment doesn't load. Instead, he gets a white screen with a blue circle in the middle. Conversely, as the administrator, I logged in and the assignment opened for me. What is the probable cause?


  • Hi James - Where is the instructor attempting to get to the assignment to grade? Assignment list page? Quick Eval? Grades? Submission List?

    Does the course have sections? Does the instructor have access to all of the sections?

  • James.B.599
    James.B.599 Posts: 8 🔍

    Hi Megan, he was trying to grade the assignment from under the assignments tab. When I impersonated him on my machine it worked fine. I recommended he use another browser and that worked. Moving forward we may update his computer. Thank you for your help.

  • That sounds like a software problem. Can you please log a case with support? It would be helpful to know if the course has sections and if the instructor in question has access to all of the sections.