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  • Sreelakshmi.N.546

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for reaching out to us through community.

    I hope your query is on the list of widgets in Brightspace.

    If so, Brightspace has two types of widgets:

    • System widgets - these are widgets created by D2L. All Brightpsace clients have access to a predetermined list of System widgets. In addition to these, other system widgets can be purchased through a  https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/4315-homepage-widget-expansion-pack
    • Custom widgets - typically these are client built widgets used to further personalise and enhance the learner/user experience in Brightspace. All D2L clients can create Custom widgets to meet their requirements.

    Some of the widgets listed in the  https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/4315-homepage-widget-expansion-pack

     will already be available and in use at your institution.

    When creating a custom widget you have access to the  https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/3652-about-brightspace-editor

     through which you can create and insert content from across Brightspace. This could include but not limited to:

    • displaying support hours/contacts/resources to learners
    • incorporating course branding/navigation elements
    • embedding video
    • linking to course resource and activities
    • building API-based JavaScript applications

    Additional resources:

    • Widgets https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/categories/393-widgets
    • System widgets permissions https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/12452-system-widgets-permissions

    It's important to note your ability to create custom widgets, manage homepages inc. adding/removing widgets, is based on your assigned Brightspace role and role permissions.

    Hope that helps!