How do I use the meeting scheduler in Brightspace

Hi there!

I'm trying to use the meeting scheduler tab to schedule presentations.

I need to make bookings available in blocks e.g. three people can select the same meeting time.

I can create the meeting but I have no idea how to share it with my students. Any help would be appreciated.


  • brad.r.503
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    Certainly! In Brightspace, using the Scheduler tool can help you manage appointments or presentation slots effectively. To allow multiple students to book the same time slot and to share the meeting details with your students, follow these steps:

    1. Create the Meeting Slot in Scheduler:
      • Navigate to the Scheduler tool in your course. This might be under "Course Tools" or "Course Admin".
      • Click on "New Event" or "Create an Appointment Slot".
      • Fill in the details of the meeting, such as title, date, and location.
      • Set the duration of each appointment slot and the total time range during which appointments can be made.
    2. Allow Multiple Bookings per Slot:
      • Look for an option like “Number of attendees per slot” or similar.
      • Set this number to the maximum number of students you want to be able to book the same slot (e.g., 3 for three students per slot).
    3. Save or Publish the Appointment Slots:
      • Once you have configured the settings, save or publish the appointment slots.
      • Make sure the appointment slots are active and that the timeframe allows students to book them.
    4. Sharing the Meeting Details with Students:
      • Brightspace doesn't automatically send the appointment slots to students, so you'll need to notify them.
    5. Option A: Announcement:
      • Create an announcement in your course informing students that the appointment slots for presentations are now available.
      • Include instructions on how to access the Scheduler and book a slot. You might want to provide the path to the Scheduler tool (e.g., "Go to Course Tools > Scheduler").
    6. Option B: Email:
      • Send an email to your class with the details. You can use the Classlist tool to email all students.
      • Include instructions on how to book an appointment slot, similar to the announcement.
    7. Option C: Content Area:
      • Create a content module specifically for the presentations.
      • Add a description or instructions on how to book a presentation slot, and direct them to the Scheduler tool.
    8. Monitoring Bookings:
      • Regularly check the Scheduler to monitor the bookings.
      • If you need to, you can manually adjust bookings or contact students directly if there are any issues or if slots are filling up too quickly.

    By following these steps, you should be able to set up and share the meeting slots for presentations with your students effectively. Remember to remind students of the booking deadline and to check the Scheduler regularly to manage and monitor the bookings.