Test Users and Roles


Good evening, I have 2 questions:

  1. The API Test Tool site ( https://apitesttool.desire2learnvalence.com/ ) states that you can use the DevCoPStudent account to test API calls to the test D2L site (devcop.brightspace.com). I am doing this successfully. Are there any other test accounts I can use to call the API, particularly a user that is a lecturer, not a student; and
  2. My application requires that I be able to identify whether the authenticated user is a Student or Lecturer. How do I do this with the API? How do I identify the role of an authenticated user? Most of the API calls on the DevCoPStudent account returns Forbidden, which complicates my investigation further. I have read through the API docs around 354 times, but cannot find a possible solution.

Thank you, Riaan.



  • Steve.B.446
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    I think this has been lost in the move to the new Community, the used to be in a box on the sidebar of the old Developer group on the old Community. I can't see them on the new equivalent group, but somebody there is asking the same question.

  • Riaan.O.139
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    Thanks, although it unfortunately does not answer the questions. Any solutions would be appreciated.