How to create coloring assignment in Brightspace?

Hello all! I am wanting to make some coloring assignments for an anatomy class, where I would upload a picture of a cell and the assignment would be to color in the corresponding structures based on a legend. Is this possible in the Brightspace platform? If not, are there any other ways to make an assignment like this for the students? All of my students are remote and would hate to ask them to buy coloring pencils just for my class if they did not have to.
Thank you!


  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Victoria.O.38
    There's a really amazing Brightspace tool called Creator+ that let's you create activities called "Hotspots." The students would still be expected to be able to meet the key learning objective of identifying the areas of the cell and you can layer additional assessment opportunities by asking them to select the area and then answer a question about the part they've selected.

    The best part about this tool (in my opinion) is that while the traditional colouring assignment may challenge students who experience vision impairment, or experience difficulties detecting the differences in colours- this assessment builder is designed for use by Learners who may use screen readers!

    There's a free course here in the Brightspace Learning Center where you can check it out