Updates from the quiz library are not reflected in the quiz

An instructor updated a multiple-choice question in her Quiz Library by adding an image. (She made the update in her template.) She then copied the template into her live course. However, the updated image does not appear in the Quiz Library or the quiz in the live course.

I've attached an image of the graphic she added.

Any suggestions on why this might occur?


  • Lindsay.S.331

    Hi there, @Kay.H.645! Updating a question within the Question Library is a great way to ensure that the question is updated in all places it is used. When you select "edit" from the Question Library, you can make any changes (like adding or updating an image), then when you select "save", you will be prompted to answer where you want to update the question (just in the Question Library or in one or more of the other places it is in use?). I hope this helps!

    I wasn't able to view the attachment you mentioned, but if this doesn't answer your question, happy to make further suggestions 🙂

  • Kay.H.645
    Kay.H.645 Posts: 3 🔍

    Good morning Lindsay,

    Thank you for your response. I'm thinking the instructor may have overlooked identifying where the updates should appear.

    Thank you so much!