How do you set up a summary survey report which shows only the last attempt of each individual?

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I've just run a summary survey report and it shows in some cases multiple attempts for individuals.

This distorts the figures.

How can you set up a survey report for only the last attempt that has been submitted?

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  • Stan.S.520
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    You may want to set the survey up with a restriction for the student to take one-attempt. The student can still go back and edit their responses until the availability end date. Then you can run your report after the end date.


  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Debbie.T.406 I don't think survey reports can distinguish between the different attempts. If you have access to the data sets, the attempt number is logged so you can sort them and see the responses for each attempt per student.

  • Debbie.T.406
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    Thank you for your response. This is though a very manual process. I think I'll have to restrict the attempt to one if there is no option of just reporting on the last attempt