MyLab access from D2l student view


Hello everyone,

When trying to access MyLab-Pearson from the D2L student view, it says, "remove student LMS view filter."

How can I remove the student LMS view filter?



  • Chris.S.534
    Chris.S.534 Posts: 254

    Hi Ragia,

    It could be one of two things (I could be wrong but worth a try):

    • In Brightspace if you are using the role switch (viewing content as Learner) to review the course content - revert back to your default course offering role and try accessing the content thereafter
    • In MyLab there is also a Student View & Instructor View. You can default the Pearson content view to either, or switch between the two using the Manage View when on the Course Home

    If neither work, and you don't receive any additional suggestions, please reach out to the D2L Support team for assistance.

    Hope that helps!