Customizing quiz results by grade


Is there a way to set multiple customized quiz results based on grade? I would like to give different customized messages to unsuccessful quiz attempts. I would need this to be at the quiz level rather than the question level.


  • Lindsay.S.331

    Hi @Shonelle.W.988! This is a wonderful use case for Intelligent Agents, which are messages that automatically send to learners based on criteria filled (or not filled). For this use case, you could set up Intelligent Agents with Release Conditions related to quiz results (for example, you could send a message to students who receive less than XX% or more than XX% or even to users who score between XX% and XX%).

    Once you have set up a few for a quiz, you can take advantage of the "Copy" feature for Intelligent Agents moving forward. Then, you could simply copy a previously used Intelligent Agent and then alter the message or Release Conditions slightly.

    I hope this helps!

  • Shonelle.W.988
    Shonelle.W.988 Posts: 35 🧭

    Thank you for your suggestion, @Lindsay.S.331. I will give this a try.