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Paul.R.581 Posts: 3 🔍

Is there a way to download all questions from a question pool so that offline review can be done, rather than reviewing each question within BS?


  • Hi @Paul.R.581

    Thanks for reaching us through the Brightspace Community.

    Unfortunately, you cannot download questions from BS.

    However, I have identified a similar feature request through our Product Idea Exchange (PIE):

    Offline Quizzing Functionality - Downloaded exams without internet connection (D2772)

    That said, I would like to invite you to vote for this idea.

    The Product Idea Exchange is designed for users like you to send direct submissions to our Product Development organization and has the following advantages:

    • It allows you to receive direct updates on each request you submit
    • It allows other community members to vote on ideas
    • It allows other community members to contribute to and collaborate on each idea
    • It ensures ideas that have the greatest impact on our clients and end users receive consideration for inclusion in future releases.

    We look forward to hearing from you at the Product Idea Exchange!

  • Jennifer.W.973
    Jennifer.W.973 Posts: 215 🌟

    @Paul.R.581 Questions must be added to a quiz in order to be downloaded. As long as there is one attempt on the quiz, you can use either Statistics or Setup Reports to download them.

  • Paul.R.581
    Paul.R.581 Posts: 3 🔍

    Hi, sorry I may need to clarify, I'm an instructor/administrator and we have content that periodically needs updating (Gov't regulation changes, etc.) and I need to ensure that existing questions in our pool are still valid. Going through one at a time is cumbersome.

  • Jennifer.W.973
    Jennifer.W.973 Posts: 215 🌟

    @Paul.R.581 The only way I know of to edit questions outside of D2L is to export them as an XML file. Then you'd have to make changes to that file in a code editor, import into the Question Library, and delete the original questions. However, that wouldn't affect the pools already created in existing quizzes. You would still need to edit the quizzes to make any changes to the pools. (Pools don't actually exist in the Question Library - it's just a way to organize questions within folders.)