If you edit a question in the question library, should it automatically update wherever it's used?

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One of our product names was recently updated. The product name exists in an in-use exam. A Course Designer edited a Question Library question to reflect the new name, but the question in use in the exam did not reflect the new change. In fact, the Course Designer had to manually delete the old version of the question, then re-add the new version from the Question Library. Is this expected behaviour?


Here's a timeline:

  1. Course Designer (CD) creates course and exam using old product name.
  2. Users enroll in course and submit exams.
  3. Product name is changed.
  4. CD edits question containing product name in the Question Library.
  5. CD observes that exam still has incorrect product name
  6. CD manually removes the old version of the question from the exam
  7. CD adds updated version of the question to the exam
  8. CD fixes the associated Learning Objective so it's associated with the new version of the question (otherwise it had 0 associations).


  • Bharti.Bhardwaj092
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    Hello @Maureen Barrow​ ,


    If you edit a question that has already been imported into a QuizSurvey, or Self-Assessment, you will have the option to update in both places. There is an option to update the associated quiz where the question is being used.


    Please check that option to update the new version of the question in the associated exam.


    I hope it helps!


    Thanks and Regards,



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    Hello Professor Barrow, Thank you very much for your question. I came into the D2L Community space to address your same question. My team discovered that updates to the Question Library were not replicating to the quizzes. D2L was not asking for a confirmation that the update--specifically deletions in this case--be made to the Question Library and to a relevant quiz. After further trials, we discovered that the confirmation occurred if we were using Google Chrome browser but not with Firefox. Unfortunately, we discovered this after receiving results back for students who took quizzes where the bad questions were still showing up. We haven't tested other browsers yet.

    I hope someone gets to the bottom of this issue soon.