Error with LTI 1.3 deep linking


Within the past few months our product's deep linking stopped working with Brightspace. This is the error report:

The message before encoding looks like this: {"":"LtiDeepLinkingResponse","":"1.3.0","":"80f290c3-c3bd-49b4-8b97-34d9b8713178","iss":"79de6a53-91aa-46b6-9867-9c87e583d9b2","aud":"","iat":1703617882,"exp":1703618182,"nonce":"15996a335f2a6f2d0536","":[{"type":"ltiResourceLink","title":"Mini","url":"","lineItem":{"scoreMaximum":1.0,"label":"Mini","resourceId":"61ef45eec4603fe90a5ba4de"},"window":{"targetName":"edfinityContentWindow"},"iframe":{"height":890,"width":890}}],"":"R0zH8kl_2xZIxAcX0uZapoAi_2DirrCM6cfxch8vVLQ~","":"Successfully added 1 assignment from Edfinity","":"Edfinity: 1 item added"}

How can I get more information about the issue?


Ryan Koopmans



  • Sangeetha.T.629


    Based on what you’re describing, I think it would be a good idea to have a support agent take a closer look at things.   

     Your first step is to connect with your school or organization’s Help Desk to create a support request.   

    If you’re not sure how to do this, email us at with the name of your school or organization and we can provide the contact details.    

    If you are the ASC/ Admin for your Organization, please refer to our documentation for how to log a Support case or request, and a member of our Support team will be happy to assist you. 



  • Ryan.K.681
    Ryan.K.681 Posts: 2 🌱

    Hello Sangeetha,

    I've written to the questions email address but haven't heard back. I'm working on a tight schedule for a major D2L customer. I've tried many variations on the deep link response and I've found is has to do with the creation of the line item. The specification says only one claim is necessary, scoreMaximum, but even at bare minimum the line item causes an error.

    Can you please put me in touch with someone who can help me find out more information than the "Something went wrong while processing deep linking content item." that I'm seeing in the error log?


    Ryan Koopmans

  • Andrea.B.236
    Andrea.B.236 Posts: 192 ⏸️ Inactive

    Hello @Ryan.K.681 ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community.

    You should be receiving an email to clarify the question on support and finding a solution to this question. Our team has connected your question with D2L experts, and the Brightspace Community is full of very knowledgeable experts as well! We will reach out to you as soon as we have an answer.

    There was a previous question similar to this one, I recommend checking out the discussion thread on another user experiencing this Deep Link error.

    If you have any further questions or feedback, please feel welcome to reply to our email or reach out here.