"Preview" from Grade Book is Missing Comments

Chelsey.Y.865 Posts: 75 🌱

I have some colleagues who have mentioned that when they click the arrow beside a student's name in the grade book and go to the "Preview"

They are no longer able to see anything in the Comments and Assessments column.

My feedback is still there, but I am commiserating with my colleagues at the loss of their feedback. This Preview is essential for writing report cards.

Does anyone know if there is a setting that turns the comments off and on in the Preview? Why would some teachers be able to see the feedback given and others not be able to see the feedback given?

Thanks in advance :)



  • Sangeetha.T.629

    Hi @Chelsey.Y.865 ,

    Thanks for reaching us through community!!

    If only few instructors are not able to view, then it should be some differences in marking the users and not any settings. Can you please confirm how they added the comments ?