Checking individual files on turnitin after assignment is submitted

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How do we use turnitin in Brightspace to check individual files which have not gone through the assignment portal (e.g. a student sends in a late assignment submission to instructor's email because she cannot upload past the deadline)? In other LMSs, instructors could upload such files to turitin and check for plagiarism. I could not find anything of the sort in the Turitin-integrated Brightspace that we have now. Any guidance is appreciated.

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  • Sangeetha.T.629
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    Hi @Rao.K.448 ,

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    I think your request can be achieved by several ways. You can create a test course (where all instructors are enrolled) or assignment which does not have any due date/end date. You can enable Turnitin in that course and use it to check these kind of assignments.