For Learning Objectives, is there a way to add conditions to associated activities?

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We have a course where learners can obtain their competencies in one of two ways:

  1. Users can bypass the course by taking a "bypass exam" (if the student passes the exam, they get their badge and associated competencies).
  2. Users can take the full course via a knowledge exam and practical exam (if the student passes both exams, they get their badge and associated competencies). (They also have to take these exams if they don't pass the Bypass exam on the first try.)


We just realized that our competencies are set up in such a way that users must pass all three exams:

  • Bypass exam
  • Knowledge exam
  • Practical exam

But people who take the Bypass exam are unlikely to need to take the knowledge/practical exams, and vice versa.


Is there a way to set associated learning objectives to use conditions? E.g. If User X passes Bypass Exam OR passes KE and the PE, then the user passes the Learning Objective.



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    Using the competency tool, a competency must be achieved in every item it is associated with within the same course. If you have three exams all associated with the same competency, then they need to pass all three.


    However, you could create a formula grade item using the following formula (in this example I assumed passing the competency to be 80%):


    =IF{ ([Bypass Exam.Percent] >= 80), [Bypass Exam.Percent], AVG{ [Knowledge Exam.Percent], [Practical Exam.Percent] } }


    Then, you can tie the competency to this grade item.


    This would end up in the grade book looking like...



    And show the in Competencies as...


    imageHope this helps.