What is wrong with this Brightspace API (Copy Course Components)?

Hello everyone,

I am not sure what is wrong with this Postman Brightspace API. I am following the guide here: https://docs.valence.desire2learn.com/res/course.html#Course.CreateCopyJobRequest

The import api using a zip export worked perfectly, but the request that copies from a sourceID to a targetID is giving me an error (POST /d2l/api/le/(version)/import/(orgUnitId)/copy/)

Appreciate any feedback.

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    So this Postman POST request worked successfully after I deleted the following from the JSON:

        "DaysToOffsetDates": <number:integer>|null,  // Optional, see notes
        "HoursToOffsetDates": <number:decimal>|null,  // Optional, see notes
        "OffsetByStartDateDifference": <boolean>|null 

    The working POSTMAN request looks like this:


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    Good to know your issue is resolved. Please feel free to reach if you have any further concerns.

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