Intergrate ChatGPT into learning content

William Rui.M.941
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We are exploring embedding an API key into a Storyline file while ensuring its confidentiality. We have been working on xAPI file built using the Articulate Storyline eLearning authoring tool.  I am having difficulty hiding the API key for ChatGPT, and I was hoping there might be a solution for hiding the API key based on how we upload the xAPI file in D2L. Any thoughts and guidance would be greatly appreciated.



  • Chris.S.534

    Hi William,

    I don't believe there is an easy way to hide an API key in a client side accessible file/package.
    Most resources I've read suggest creating a proxy service that you host to manage the ChatGPT interaction. This proxy service/endpoint is then accessed by your Storyline file.

    In doing so you can control who/when/how the proxy service is accessed and don't need to expose your ChatGPT API key.

    Hope that helps!

    Thanks, Chris