Sections - deleted by IPSIS but still showing in course when adding new users


I'm keen on your advice/experience:

We successfully removed three sections by IPSIS from a course (they weren't being used so no users within them). They no longer show in org unit editor and IPSIS admin records show successful removal.

When in the course, Classlist, add existing user, the sections aspect still remains. When adding a new user as a learner an error message is received asking to assign a section (snip below). There are no sections to select from, the drop down menu is blank because there are no sections.

How do I resolve this? Thank you!!!!


  • Sangeetha.T.629

    Hi @Morgan.B.822 ,

    Thanks for reaching us through community!!

    This looks like a issue from our side. We might need a support case to check and determine what is happening.

    Can you please raise a support case with us.