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 This morning we had a user call us regarding one of her courses.

User is enrolled in Course

Grades - has not completed the assessment 

Award- Not achieved

 Although the user has not been graded and has yet to achieve her award, the course 'Complete' button is showing (see attached image).

 I checked the event log, no one has marked her as completed the grading items ( Tutorial, Assessment). Everything is showing as correct. 

I am wondering what is causing the 'Complete' button to display in the course? 


  • Hi @Tatiana.M.97 ,

    Thanks for reaching us through community!!

    Unfortunately, we might need more details and time to investigate the behavior. Can you please raise a support case with us with user details to check on this?



  • Tatiana.M.97
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    These details were in image: 

    course name: Flexible learning vaccinator foundation

    Where do I raise a support case?

  • Rusha.S.831
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    Hello @Tatiana.M.97,

    You are best to have one of your organization's Approved Support Contacts (ASC) open a case with the D2L Helpdesk.

    For more information on how an ASC can open a support case, I would recommend reviewing our ASC Resource List, specifically the Creating and Managing Cases section.

    Note: As a best practice, it would be good to include detailed steps to reproduce, as well as examples of users who have encountered the issue and/or any of the responses they received in those instances. If possible, noting the date/time of the occurrences is also useful to the troubleshooting process.

    I hope that helps!

    Thank you,