Student Archiving

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Hi there,

With the trimester closing, is there a convenient way like one-click archiving for the students to download the whole level 1 course content to keep for their reference purposes, probably they will need to refer to the level 1 course when they are taking the same course at level 2?


  • Dmitry.L.956

    Hello Jerald,
    If I understood your request correctly, there are various reasons why this feature has not been implemented.
    I would say that copyright is # 1.
    While organizations may allow course copying between instructors, even this process may be subject to academic policy restrictions. Copying a course outside of the instructor's control (i.e. by students) does not seem to meet generally accepted academic standards.
    You may have to reach out to your organization's IT for more information, who in turn can raise this issue before our authorized contacts.