How do I link to a specific page inside of a PDF file from Content


We use Readspeaker as our accessibility partner to read PDF documents for students. In order to have Readspeaker work, we need to load our PDF files into content so they can be read by the program. I would like to use a large PDF file and have the quicklink go to a specific page inside of that PDF for ease of use for students and instructors.

Problem: If I link to the file in Manage files, I can edit the HTML to add the "#page=13" syntax and it works fine. However, if we do that, Readspeaker doesn't read the file. (Yellow highlight in picture)

If I upload the file and link to the page in content to allow access by Readspeaker, add the same syntax, it doesn't work, it just opens the PDF file at page 1. (Green highlight in picture)

In the example provided, the yellow link works fine, the green one does not.

Is there any way I can fix the 2nd link so it will work like the first?

Thank you in advance for any ideas.