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Viewing by student rather than by course

Marlis.E.390 Posts: 3 🔍
edited November 2023 in K-12

Hello, hoping someone can help me with this…

I teach grades 3 - 8. Currently, when I sign into Brightspace, it shows all my courses (25 of them) - each subject for each grade gets its own 'course', so when I want to see a student's progress, I have to open each course individually - eg. Science 5, Math 5, etc. and then find the student.

Is there a way I can select a student and see all the courses they are signed up for and then view their progress for each course on one screen?

Thank you in advance.



  • Bruce.B.64

    Hi @Marlis.E.390 ;

    Brightspace offers a product called the "Learner Engagement" dashboard, which permits you to see all the courses the learner is a part of (Similar to the engagement dashboard experience, which is targeted by the course to see many learners).

    Reference information is available here: https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/4544-learner-engagement-dashboard

    You can only see the courses you are an instructor for, so the dashboard is designed to respect your enrollments. (So if you are teaching Math, you can't see the French courses, for example).

    This does require ensuring your institution is using Performance Plus (based on your notes above, I believe you may already be licensed for it) and enabling the necessary permissions.

    As the next steps, I'd recommend you contact your system administrator to inquire about access to this tool. It may require some enablement for you (and others) to get started, and our Sales Executive/Customer Success team members for your accounts can connect you with the right resources.

    Let me know if this assists in simplifying your experience.

    Kind regards - Bruce