Assigning Instructors to Specific Sections


How does one go about assigning a specific instructor to a specific section within a course? I currently have a course with several instructors that need to be assigned to just one section. However, every instructor is listed as an instructor within all sections, so each section says it has 10 different instructors when it should only be one.


  • Mohit.B.878


    Thank you for reaching out to us via Brightspace Community. If you are seeking a role with exclusive access to enrolled sections only, please ensure that under the role settings (Admin Tools > Roles & Permissions > {click the menu arrow next to "Instructor" and choose Settings), the "Access all course sections" option is NOT SELECTED. Enabling this option grants access to all sections associated with the role.

    Please Note: The adjustments made in these settings will not be restricted to a specific OrgUnit but will be implemented Organization-wide.

    For further details on the actions and permissions granted based on selected options, you can find more information [here].

    Best regards,

    Mohit Bhargav