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I hope all is well. I am writing on behalf of a colleague who is interested in seeing if there is a way to access additional data points for reporting. Currently, we are able to access completion data from our content progress API, but it seems to be a bit limiting to understanding learners' progress and trajectory. Please reference the following attachment (the red boxes reflect data points that would be helpful for what our community is trying to achieve).

Please advise.



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    HI @Desmond.H.207
    I think there may be a few ways our Optimization Services Team can lend a hand to review your data strategy and other tools that can be used to help you get more of what you're pointing to here.

    I'm going to pass your question to your Customer Success Management Team to see if we can have them set up a meeting to review your current process and see how we can help connect you to Data Services.

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    Hello Stefanie.B.518

    Thank you so much for responding. My team and I would be delighted to schedule something in the near future concerning this. We believe this would be a significant upgrade to our current offerings and provide us with more granular data to predict outcomes. Our organization recently changed and now we are known as orijin.

    We look forward to the conversation and thank you again for the assistance.

    In partnership,

    Desmond Hayes

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    Hi @Desmond.H.207
    I hope you don't mind I've made an edit to your public post above to remove the reference to your personal contact details so that they aren't easily accessed by web crawlers.

    I have shared the updated contact details with your Customer Success Manager so that they can connect with you to discuss further.

    Very grateful to you for posting here and for promoting important discussions like this one!